IFD-O Hi Flo

IFD-O Hi flow

Performance Characteristics

For airflow, pressure and acoustic data please refer to nomogram details in technical Section of catalogue.

Suggested Specifications

All fire dampers shall be Kilargo intumescent IFD-O Hi Flo series. Damper slats to be complete with impact resistant steel edging, have no moving parts and allow for bi-directional airflow.

Intumescent fire dampers shall be tested for Fire Resistance Level (FRL) requirements in accordance with AS 1530.4 with an extended fully closed-off period of 120 seconds. Dampers shall also comply with the air leakage test of AS 1682.1.

Fire Damper installation shall be strictly in accordance with the relevant requirements of AS 1682.2, and Kilargo System Installation details including the use of Kilargo Intumescent Mastic.


  • Clever Hi Flo design with significantly reduced pressure drop
  • Suitable for exhaust systems where every Pa saved can mean reduced fan sizing & resultant power savings
  • System Acoustic benefits
  • No thermal clearances required in installation
  • Reduced maintenance & resultant cost savings

Technical Data

  • Integrity Fire Rating – up to 2 hours
  • Sizes available: 150 mm & 200 mm dia.
  • Galvanised sleeve (spigot) 360 mm long
Kilargo IFD-O Hi flow
IFD-O Hi flow
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