Kilargo Add-on for Autodesk Revit 2018

We’re proud to announce the release of the 2018 version of Kilargo’s Add-on for Autodesk Revit. This will be the 5th version Kilargo has had developed to complement our range of Intumescent Fire Dampers when specifying for projects.


The Kilargo Revit content automatically sizes and orients to suit the Duct size and orientation. The content is also compliant with the industry standard BIM-MEPAUS. The Kilargo Revit Selection tool enables you to select criteria such as type of penetration, fire resistance level and building element, and then shows you the available Kilargo dampers and compliant systems that suit those criteria. On selecting one of those products, you can save the corresponding Revit file to your computer instantly, or immediately place in your project.

So, if you’re ready to upgrade to 2018, visit our website by clicking the link below to find more information.

New app makes selecting an IFD as easy as ABC

An innovative new mobile phone app from Kilargo is set to help customers make the right choice of Intumescent Fire Dampers (IFDs) to protect their building during a fire event. More

Our latest innovation wows the crowds at ARBS 2016

Kilargo has once again proven our industry-leading innovation with the launch of our new generation blade design* for intumescent fire dampers (IFDs) at ARBS 2016 today.

In an industry-leading breakthrough, air cuts straight across our new IFD Aero blade, reducing airflow resistance and noise levels in everyday use. It also paves the way for increased energy savings compared with traditional fire damper designs, both intumescent and other types. More

Black Door Seal – Kilargo

Kilargo Middle East’s industry leading door seals are now available in a stylish black anodised finish.
These black seals cater to savvy buyers who want reassurance that their home or business is properly sealed against fire, smoke, sound, dust, rain, wind and insects.


Smoke the real killer in structural fires: Why you need smoke seals

The scenes on the evening news are devastating when a structural fires occurs. Families devastated, buildings and property destroyed, communities distraught. But while news footage focuses on the drama of buildings engulfed in flames, it’s actually smoke that is the major contributor to fatalities and serious injuries. Read on to understand the impact of smoke and preventative measures to limit its effect.

Kilargo leads the way again in IFDs

Kilargo has today once again cemented our position as a leader in Intumescent Fire Dampers (IFDs) launching an industry first at the 2015 HVAC&R Trade Exhibition & Industry Conference in Christchurch.

From today, Kilargo’s fire tested and approved IFD Systems are now available in Revit format for use in BIM projects. This has become possible through the development of Kilargo’s Revit Selection Tool in collaboration with specialists A2K Technologies. More

Balancing Security with Fire Safety

It’s no surprise that Australians want to protect their homes with the best, most secure lock systems; but it’s also no surprise that we have some of the strictest fire regulations in the world.

There is concern recently that some homeowners are sacrificing fire safety for security, by fitting the latest, hi-tech locks that do lower the risk of break and entry, but at the same time contravene fire regulations. More

How to Comply with BCA Requirements

All Australian buildings must comply with Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements. This is a set of technical and safety provisions for the design and construction of buildings that is reviewed and amended every year to cover technical and regulatory changes. More

There’s no catch with ALUmini finger guard

At Kilargo, we won’t get caught out on safety – that’s why we’re constantly working to bring you the latest innovative building safety products. More

A history of integrity

Since 1985, specifiers, door manufacturers, and hardware and fire damper distributors have turned to us for smart and simple solutions to contain fire, smoke and sound – first under the Lorient brand and now as Kilargo. More

Homegrown familiarity

aus_imageKilargo is proudly Australian with the vast majority of our products manufactured and sourced here. More

Door seals for commercial or multiple occupancy environments?

Door seals have a variety of different functions and are an essential factor to consider when you are aiming to maximise the safety, comfort and performance of commercial buildings. An effective door seal will not only help contain the spread of fire, but will also aid in detaining the spreading of sound and smoke, as well as protecting against weather. More

Kilargo celebrates 6 months

Australian manufacturing company, Kilargo is celebrating six months of trading under its new brand.

Chief Executive Tony Tapper said customers have welcomed the refreshed and strengthened focus, with Kilargo’s highly respected products and services remaining unchanged. More

Expect and Get the Best

If you’re involved in building design, construction and maintenance, you need real confidence in the products you choose to meet regulations while protecting people and property. More

New Trading Name, Same Commitment

On 4 June, the former Lorient Australia started trading under its registered company name of Kilargo.

Chief Executive Tony Tapper said the trading name change will only bring customer benefits. More

Lorient Australia to trade as Kilargo

The former Lorient Australia has today announced that they will commence trading under their registered company name Kilargo from 4 June. More